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glassfreak said: "Name: Kennya,,, Main Ship: k2(south park ship =w=) but I guess I'm fond of Piers/Jenna. First Fandom: Inuyasha v.v, 3 things: BLUE HURR 4life, I have a lot of dogs(9 atm),I make terrible jokes.I followed you at first because of the Golden Sun fandom but then there was sailor moon and just EVERYTHING *u* plus you're no nice~ To unfollow.. IDK racism/homophobia/trans-phobia/etc.but from what I've seen you're ok so YOU'RE STUCK WITH ME LIKE FLY TO FLYPAPER BBY"

Nine dogs? Omai :O That’s awesome and sounds exhausting.

Also, /o/

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  1. glassfreak said: i meant so not no omgggg bby ur supah niceeeee
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